Summer Skin Care Tips for a Healthy Skin

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The sun might be great during the summer as it warms your skin and offers you a gorgeous tan but it can also damage your skin if you don’t know how to take proper care of it. To prevent skin burns and dehydration and to maintain your skin looking beautiful, we gathered some efficient skin care tips that will protect your skin’s health.

Protect your skin against the sun

Perhaps the most important advice you could get for summer is to use a solar protection cream every time you expose your skin to the sun. The UV rays can damage your skin in depth and, besides burning it, they also destroy their natural moisture and elasticity. A skin cream with a high SPF can act as a barrier against UV sun rays so your skin will not be damaged.

Moisturizing is essential in the summer

Since losing the moisture of your skin is a common skin issue in summer and you wouldn’t want that to happen, you have to offer your body plenty of moisture. Therefore, make sure yo apply a moisturizing cream after every shower so your skin will have the necessary resources to recover its natural moisture.

Drink water to hydrate your skin

You can offer your skin moisture from the inside as well by drinking the recommended amount of water every day. As you sweat, your skin will lose water and will become dry and wrinkled, and drinking water will allow your body to send it to every organ including the skin. Whether you go out or you stay inside, you must give your skin enough water from within.

Exfoliate your skin

Your skin will also need more exfoliation during the summer to get rid of all the dry skin cells caused by sun exposure. When you shower, use a harsh loofah that will eliminate dead skin cells. Also, apply an exfoliating body wash that you can do yourself by adding brown sugar or ground coffee to your shower gel. The exfoliation also applies to your face skin only that you will have to be more gentle.

Careful with the razors

During the summer, you shave more often so your skin suffers more damage from the sharp razors. Since you can’t skip this step, a way to reduce its effect on your skin is to use quality razors and to replace them more often. A gentle shaving gel will also help protect the skin against the razor.

Keep the makeup to the minimum

Due to the hot weather, it’s best to avoid applying too much makeup to your skin to allow it to breathe and to prevent clogged pores. Instead of applying foundation, opt for a BB cream with an SPF factor that is more gentle to your skin. Make sure you clean your skin from every makeup residue and that you apply a toner afterwards.

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