How to Prevent Age Spots

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Age spots are without a doubt very unpleasant, and this is why lots of people try to get rid of them. Even with the best treatments that are available on the market these days, it is quite difficult to get rid of them. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prevent them, rather than trying to eliminate them. Learn how to prevent age spots, by reading this article.

Protect yourself from ultraviolet rays

If your age spots are actually caused by sun damage, then what you need to do is to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays. You need to stay indoors when it is very hot outdoors, or in case you really need to go out, then you should wear a hat and use a protection cream as well. Keep in mind to get a product with a high protection level.

You need to increase your antioxidant intake

This is another thing you must do in order to prevent age spots. Antioxidants are without a doubt the best weapon against aging, and this is why you must include in your diet foods that are rich in antioxidants. You need to eat more spinach, berries, leafy green vegetables, carrots, beets, and red pepper. All the foods that contain vitamin C and E, and beta-carotene are highly recommended, and you should definitely eat them very often, in order to achieve your goal.

Balance your hormones

It is essential to balance your hormones, in order to make sure you will avoid dealing with age spots. A high level of estrogen and progesterone highly contributes to an increased age spot formation. Furthermore, excess estrogen will increase iron absorption, which could definitely be problematic. Therefore, you need to live a balanced life from all points of view, in order to not have any sort of hormonal problems.

Exclude the PUFA fats from your diet

If you are wondering how to prevent age spots, then you need to start achieving your goal by excluding the PUFA fats from your diet. This actually means to stop eating margarine and nut&seed oils. You should go instead, for butter, coconut oil, or animal fats. By taking into account this important advice, you will certainly obtain the desired result. However, if you still have some age spots, then you could make them less obvious, by using a skin lightening cream.

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