Noninvasive Skin Tag Remedies

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All of us have skin tags on our bodies, which we do not like and want to remove. If you are in the same situation as well, and you are wondering what’s best to do in order to completely get rid of them, then by reading this article you will definitely find all the information you need regarding this aspect. Therefore, take a look at the following noninvasive skin tag remedies, that will help you obtain a great result, without affecting your health.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice can be used for lots of things, including for removing your skin tags. Due to the fact that it contains citric acid, your skin tags will decompose as their cells will dry out in a short period of time. You need to dab a bit of lemon juice onto a cotton ball, and then put the cotton ball on the affected area, and fix it with some medical tape. It is highly recommended to repeat this procedure at least 3 times a day until the skin tags will dry out and fall off.

Skin tag removal cream

In order to obtain the desired result, you could also try a removal cream, which you can easily find on the market these days. It is very easy to use, and safe as well. You just need to apply it for several days, until your skin tags fall off. Some people say that they have had success in using this sort of creams, whereas others say that they haven’t obtained the desired results. However, this still remains a great idea which will most probably help you obtain the desired result.

Isopropyl alcohol

This is not a painful method, as it might sound. If your skin tags will bleed, then you should not worry about this aspect, because it is normal to happen this. Once you apply isopropyl alcohol, you need to let the affected area to dry. After two days, you will need to wiggle it, and in case you are a very sensitive person to pain, then you could numb it with some ice cubes. Once you have done this, you need to pull the skin tag out. It will probably hurt just a bit, so you do not need to be scared of doing this. The tag scar should go away in about a week or so, which is not a very long time.

Vitamin E

This is definitely one of the most noninvasive skin tag remedies, that will help you eliminate all the unpleasant skin tags from your body. Just open a vitamin E capsule, and add a bit of liquid onto the affected area. Once you have done this, you must cover it with some band-aid. You need to leave the band off for several days until the tag has started to fall off. If it hasn’t, then you will need to repeat the procedure, and wait for another couple of days.

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