Negative Health Effects of High Humidity

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Air humidity is an issue that raises many questions because its level is hard to keep under control and the fluctuations can cause serious health concerns. Every time humidity reaches high levels, your health is exposed to risks that can even jeopardize your life if you don’t take actions very soon. If this sounds too dramatic for you and you are not convinced of the negative health effects of high humidity, keep reading prepare yourself to be amazed.

High humidity encourages mold

A room with a high air humidity level is the perfect environment for mold spores to develop. These spores thrive in humid areas and the worst part is that once they settle in the walls, floors, and furniture, taking them out is a difficult task. Mildew and mold are very dangerous for your health because once you inhale them, they reach into your lungs and can cause diseases that can be fatal. Asthma can also be triggered and worsened by mold and mildew and they increase your sensibility to other allergens.

Dust mites thrive in humid air

Another health concern regarding high air humidity is related to dust mites that also love humid areas. Porous fabrics in your house like the upholstery, the mattress, or the pillow absorb excess humidity from the air, which favors the development of dust mites, some microscopic creatures that can pose a serious threat to your health. Dust mites cause allergies and increase the sensibility by affecting the immune system.

Your sleep can be affected by high humidity

Sleeping in a room with excessive air humidity can make you feel uncomfortable and affect your overall health. You can experience snoring and breathing issues and the quality of your sleep can be lowered as you will not manage to sleep well during the night.

The dehumidifier can be the solution to your problem

Now that you know how dangerous high humidity can be, it’s time to take measures in the matter and adjust the air humidity to a safe level. The easiest way to do that is to use a dehumidifier that monitors the humidity and allows you to select the proper level you want to reach. Dehumidifiers have the ability to absorb the water vapors from the air in order to limit the harmful effects on your health and they can make you feel better in more than one way. Large areas such as garages or basements are a real challenge for these devices so you must count on the top basement dehumidifiers that can handle big rooms with excessive air moisture and have useful self-draining pumps that offer peace of mind. A basement dehumidifier will collect larger amounts of water from the air and will prevent spilling or overfilling. For smaller rooms, you can opt for more compact units with a smaller collecting capacity.

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