Jogging Health Benefits

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Jogging is a very popular exercise and is one of the simplest ones. Besides the fact that it keeps your body fit, it also helps you maintain a positive attitude and develop more self-esteem. Anyone can do this exercise and all you have to do is to start it slow and then gradually speed up your pace and go jogging for as far as you can. There are many health benefits of jogging and the most important ones will be detailed in the article below.

Lowers the Body Fat Levels

Jogging for one mile, your body will burn up to 150 calories. Moreover, the process of burning calories will extend to 48 hours following the exercise, so you will be able to burn calories both while exercising and resting. Along with a healthy diet, this amazing exercise will help you lower the body fat levels very fast. Also, if you want to lose some weight and want to track your progress, you might consider using a fitness tracker that will help you monitor the body fat percentage from your body. Moreover, it will show you how many calories you burn during the exercise and will also monitor your sleep and your heart rate.

Supports Stronger Bones

The health of the bones is absolutely necessary in order to feel good and be able to do your daily tasks. As any other body parts, bones need exercise to maintain their health and jogging is perfect for increasing the density of your bones. Constantly jogging, the bones will become thicker and stronger, meaning that they will be able to avoid breaks and fractures and even some bone diseases, such as osteoporosis.

Improves the Respiratory System

Another great advantage of jogging is that it stimulates the capillaries in your lungs which will increase the blood supply. In case you don’t workout, you will notice that when you start jogging for the first time you will easily get out of breath, but after jogging on a regular basis you will be able to maintain your respiration for a longer period of time. This means that in time you will improve your respiratory system.

Strengthens the Heart

Since the heart is a muscle, it needs exercise in order to get stronger. Jogging will make it work harder in order to supply oxygen and so your arteries will be cleaned out, reducing the chances of having a heart attack.

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