Hair Loss Causes and Treatment

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Your hair is a priceless beauty asset that you must take good care of if you want to enjoy healthy and shiny hair. Unfortunately, there are so many aspects that can influence the way your hair looks and can make it fall that it can be hard for you to keep all of them under control. Still, there are ways to prevent and treat hair loss if you know what exactly is causing it.


A common cause of hair loss is the daily stress involved by your job, family life, social life, and health issues. Every stressful period can leave a mark on your hair and most people who are going through a difficult time have experienced severe hair loss. This is your body’s reaction to the stressful situations and it should stop once you have overcome the problem. If it doesn’t, you should see a doctor that can prescribe you a treatment for hair loss.

Scalp problems

An unhealthy scalp can always affect the way the hair looks because it is the one responsible for offering the hair the proper growing environment. Excessive dandruff, itchy scalp, red skin, or oily skin could be the signs of a scalp problem that could make your hair fall. You can try a shampoo for sensitive scalp or you could apply a mask that you can make yourself at home using eggs, honey, olive oil, and castor oil. These ingredients will use their nourishing and antibacterial properties to heal your scalp and encourage hair growth.

Medical issues

Many health problems can cause hair loss, including hereditary issues. Some medicines can also affect the condition of your hair as well as diets involved by certain diseases. Anemia, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and hypothyroidism are only some of the health problems that can lead to excessive hair loss. People suffering from these diseases should ask their doctor for a hair loss treatment that will not interfere with their medical prescriptions or they can try natural hair loss remedies.

Improper hair care

In many cases, the hair loss is caused by daily habits involving styling the hair. Excessive hair dyeing can affect the hair follicle and make it more fragile and dry, so you should pick your hair dye with more care and use it less often. Using the wrong hair styling tools, like a flat iron can also damage your hair so we recommend that you use a good one with quality plates and adjustable temperature that will protect the hair and keep its moisture inside. Also, avoid wearing your hair in tight ponytails, use a good brush that doesn’t break the hair, and treat it carefully every time you wash and style it.

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