Are Gas Based Appliances Threatening Your Health?

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Many of the appliances you use at home use gas as the powering fuel because it’s more economical than electricity, but what you might ignore is that they can pose a risk to your health. The carbon monoxide resulted from burning gas can be toxic and even deadly in case of long term exposure. To determine whether or not the gas based appliances you use at home are threatening you health, here are some details to pay attention to and some solutions to solve potential problems.

The hidden danger

What makes carbon monoxide so dangerous is the fact that you can’t smell, see, or taste it so you won’t even know you are being affected until you detect the signs. These include fatigue, nausea, vomiting, headaches, loss of consciousness, and can lead to death in more severe cases. Most people don’t even notice that their gas appliances are making them feel sick and they often attribute the symptoms to other health problems.

The risk in indoor gas based appliances

The indoor appliances that work on gas, such as the heaters, the dryers or the stoves release carbon monoxide into the air and inhaling it can make you feel sick. Appliances that work very well are not dangerous but even the slightest malfunction can increase the level of CO released into the air. Gas heaters are particularly dangerous because they create CO in large amounts, given the long operating time. You should never sleep in a room with a gas heater on and you must ensure proper ventilation so your health will not be at risk. Never leave a stove unsupervised and try to limit the use of gas based appliances although they are more convenient.

The risk outdoors

Outdoor appliances that work on gas can also pose a risk to your health, although their emissions spread into the air. If you are using a gas lawn mower or a gas snow blower and you experience any of the symptoms, the answer could be in the carbon monoxide emissions. Many cases of gas poisoning have been reported by people using gas tools so the outdoor risk is as high as the indoor one. Check your lawn mower and snow blower regularly to make sure they work properly and choose quality models that will run smoothly.

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